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Wealth Through Sales!

My Top Four Strategies That Close Mega Deals

“If I can sell, I can’t be broke”. This has always been my motivating phrase when I discover that with sale, I can become rich and if I scale over time, I can become extremely wealthy. Sales connects to the very fabric of our society and every day several trillions of sales transactions are being carried out and these mega deals are changing the lives of sales people and their organizations all over the world. If you can’t sale you can’t have revenue/income, without revenue/income you will certainly experience cash flow deficits, and prolong cash flow deficits lands you or your organization in bankruptcy.

I have closed deals that changed my life over-night and I have met a lot of wealthy men confess, that the major breakthrough that built their wealthy estate was just one deal from some several deals. I have studied so many great men all over the world and observed with kin interest on how they built their fortunes on the platform of sales.

Take for example the richest man of our world today, Jeff Bezo who started selling books online – Amazon and today is  worth $145billion (USD) or Andrew Carnegie the steel man of the 19th century who produced and sold steel and is he is worth $310 billion (USD) or John Rockefeller the oil guru of the 19th century whose current worth today could have been $400billion or in Africa Alhaji Dangote who started his wealth journey repackaging cement for sale or Comas Maduka who started life selling BWM cars in Nigeria- Coscharis Group, or Asian richest man Jack Ma of Alibaba the online merchant guru with no wealthy background but with stories of series of consistent failures, now through a selling platform he is worth $42biliion (USD) the lists are endless. Check around your community top sales gurus are the ones calling the shot there.

Some sold ideas, products, service others provided sales platform for sellers to leveraged on. Now it’s good to understand that being in sales alone is not an express ticket to wealth, the other side as a sales person can be traumatizing if you are not hitting your targets, you need to know how to close deals as they come your way. To get you started I will share 4 sales strategies I personally I used to close one of the major deals that changed my life. Engage on it, study it and continuously hone your skill with them, soon you will become a sales guru and also build the wealth you desire.

  1. The Suggestion Close

Another ‘hard close’ tactic, in this conversation, I offer my opinion about what would work best. Offer firm statements that explain how “a shipment on Friday would solve that problem” or “if they sign a contract by [date], your onboarding would be well before the quarter end.”

Why this works: My opinion enters their mind like facts do, and I offer firm solutions for some of their problems.

When it works best: When I have a great (personal) relationship with my prospect, or I think they can be easily influenced.

When not to use it: When I don’t know my lead well at all, or they are more of an expert in the field than I am.

  1. The Backwards Close

This technique goes against almost all sales cycle training, but it has been known to work with certain types of leads. The method involves starting at the end—I ask my lead for referrals rather than trying to sell something to them at the onset of the relationship.

Why this works: By recognizing that I am not trying to sell to them, the potential customer will fell more at ease, and will be more open to listening to what I have to say.

When it works best: When I know the person, found their information through referral, or already have an indication from them that they have no interest in what I am selling.

When not to use it: When I am early in the sales cycle and have no reason to doubt my ability to make the sale, this was my favourite when I first got engaged in a sales business.

3 My Scale Strategy

 I love this strategy, also known as a thermometer close. We all know a scale is use for measurement and so in this case, I use it to identify and overcome the objections my prospect might likely put up.

Most of these objections keeps the deal from moving forward and gauge how close they are to making a purchase.

Using this technique, I will give my prospects a scale of 1 to 10, and ask them to give a score on how likely they are to purchase my products or services.

If the prospect responds with a score of 6 or lower, then it means that they have a significant objection that I need to address to proceed any further with the deal.

On the other hand, if they give a score over 6 but below 10, then they understand the value my product/service brings but still have a few reservations that I may probably need to clarify.

Here is how my typical conversation goes;

Mr. B:  So Mr Paul, on a scale of 1 – 10, how likely would you say, you are to sign up in the program?

Paul:  hmm…I will say 7.

Mr. B: Awesome! Would you mind sharing what is preventing you from giving it a perfect 10?

Paul: Price flexibility and timing

Mr. B: Ok, if I got that addressed at the question close, do we have a deal?

Paul: I promise you we will have a deal.

When I use this Close, my objective is to make the prospects give me a score of 10, which means that they are ready to jump on board immediately; anything less than a perfect 10, is an indicator of objectives that I need to overcome.

To achieve this, I will repeat the process and address the objections, as many times as it takes, until the prospect gives a 10.

4 The Question Close

To achieve these two foundational goals, it’s imperative I ask prospects probing questions. Effective salespeople focus on closing a sale as soon as a conversation with a prospect begins. Through a series of questions, I will develop desire in the client and eliminate every objection to purchase.

One can even close the sale in the form of a question just as I did with the scale close, which allows the me to address outstanding objections while gaining a commitment at the same time.

For example: “In your opinion, does what I am offering solve your problem?”

The question allows me to discover whether the prospect is sold on my package while keeping the door open for further selling. If the answer is ‘no’ it remains their opinion (not yet the truth), thereby allowing me to continue to sell. If the answer is ‘yes,’ then signing up is the next step.

Here’s another question close I like using: “Is there any reason why we can’t proceed with the registration?”

This question asks either for closure or more information as to why the prospect isn’t quite convinced. It’s win-win. I will to hear how you use those strategies to close.

Every deal you close boost your confidence and pushes your higher in your company ranking or takes your personal income. Sales people are frustrated because they are skilled on skills to deploy during major strategic seasons in the sales presentation.

There are born sales closers and there are trained sales closers. We pick the dumbest and drill the person to become a top sale closer. We understand how crucial after sales people have work hard to prospect, overcome all objections only to miss the sale. We have proof over and over again that, our “Sales X” triggers sales performance and closure.

 In our drilling program, we tell you the expected outcome and often out perform these outcomes. 

“Sales X” is tailored to fit the needs of your product and service output expectations.

As an individual you can participate in our “Sales X” special training programs to improve your sales output by 35% in the next 6 month or you can join our executive representative program to improve your sales while working directly with us and our other 20,000 partners across the globe.


  • Riva Collins

    November 9, 2019 - 2:07 am

    It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to need ghor
    global and brands, companies are reaching out.

  • Obila Doe

    November 9, 2019 - 2:09 am

    It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to need ghor hmiu
    global and brands, companies are reaching out.

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